Why Choose Hines Homes?

This husband and wife led team, whose formal education lies in engineering and business, leverage their years of experience and their love of home building to the benefit of their clients. Through their unique process and commitment to weekly communication, they are able to provide clear expectations and turn key pricing allowing the homeowner to truly enjoy the home building process.

What Is A Full Service Construction Firm?

A Full-Service Construction firm (like Hines Homes) provides owners with a single point of contact for consulting, designing, building, and the interior design of your home. In other companies, consultant, architect, draftsman, contractor, sub-contractor, and interior design services could be contracted separately. With our 3D design technology and our online project management software, building your home the Hines Homes way allows for a fun, innovative, and collaborative experience which results in you living in your dream home.

What Does Our Design Process Look Like?

It is a collaborative approach of assembling your list of wants and must-haves along with your design parameters to maximize the best use of your budget.

  • You can provide us with inspiration pictures, sketches, scrapbooks...anything you feel is needed to help communicate the design you are looking for.
  • A first draft is emailed to you for review. Follow up meetings or communication will continue until you are in love with your floor plan. Once the floor plan is approved, we begin the design of the exterior of your home. 3D renderings will be provided to help with the vision and process as needed.
  • Once these items are complete and we have a final set of plans available, financing is secured and we can now submit for permits to begin your home.

What Is A Professional Services Agreement (PSA)?

The PSA is an opportunity to develop a relationship with your building team before entering into a long-term contract. Selecting a builder based on a free estimate could be setting one up for budget problems down the road. A homeowner and builder need to have a relationship built on mutual trust. A PSA allows a homeowner to discover any irreconcilable differences early on and can prevent poorly spent resources, time and energy. Whereas an estimate from a builder can provide you ballpark costs, a PSA allows the builder to perform the proper research to provide a well calculated fixed quote. With this type of detail and research, a homeowner can knowledgeably make the right decisions with their builder and avoid any unexpected costs. What else makes the PSA valuable?

  • We schedule a site visit and review options of house placement. This is an opportunity to address any on-site concerns based on our experience.
  • We consult the homeowner on pricing and provide recommendations to meet the desired budget. We provide professional insight on material, design, and layout options. This will ensure homeowners not only build the home they love, but also help them to stay within anticipated appraisals.
  • We assemble a team of experts to address any concerns specific to location, materials, or design as needed.
  • Sketch the project if needed to accompany the construction quote. Revise the specifications and project work scope as requested by the homeowner after the initial quote.
  • We review the construction process, and set clear expectations of project schedule, budget, and communication process.
  • Prepare and provide the construction contract with a detailed list of specifications and allowances.

What Are My Options For Financing?

The owner of the land or lot carries the construction loan during the build. Hines Homes is willing to builder finance on a case by case basis. Most cases where a customer wants to build in an established neighborhood, the home can be financed by Hines Homes during the construction phase. In either scenario Hines Homes collects deposit for services when contract is signed. Owner Financed
A bank typically requires a signed contract with a builder and construction documents or house plans in order to process the loan. Along with the contract, Hines Homes includes a very detailed list of specifications and allowances agreed upon during the Professional Services Phase. Not all homes are built-a-like and we have found this list of details allows you to set your home apart from the rest during the bank’s appraisal. Once construction has begun, the builder will call for “draws” or payments at different milestones. Each draw reimburses a percentage of the costs needed to cover that phase of building. Most banks offer an 80% loan of total appraised value of house and land combined. This loan amount, however, can vary bank to bank. It is actually a very simple process and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Builder Financed
For a builder financed build, Hines Homes will go through the same process to receive a construction loan. The buyer will close on home once the home is completed through the traditional mortgage process.

Is Custom Home Building Right For Me?

Is it better for me to build or buy an existing home? Consider Building a Home When:

  • Your budget allows for it. Our custom homes typically range from $350K - $1.5M.
  • You are comfortable with the timeline. Allow yourself 7 months to a year from when you decide you are ready to build. You want ample time to create plans, arrange financing, and construction of your home.
  • You want to customize your floor plan, finishes and style.
  • Energy efficiency is a priority. Building products are constantly improving and we continue our education to ensure we are able to provide the most energy efficient products specific to your family's situation.
  • You have realistic expectations of what a finished home is: A home is a work of art built on site by craftsmen, and while we have amazing craftsmen, no home is perfect.
  • You want to ensure your home is built to the latest building code. Building codes evolve over time to improve safety and building performance.
  • You are seeking lower home maintenance costs.
  • You want to live in the up and coming neighborhoods.
Consider Buying an Existing Home When:
  • Lots are no longer available in the area you want to live, and a tear down and re-build is not an option. While we only take a few remodel projects a year, this may be something to consider. Tip: just because a property isn’t on the market doesn’t mean it’s not for sale.
  • You do not want to make a lot of decisions. There are many decisions to be made while building a custom home. We have streamlined the process and have a designer available to help you along the way. If making a lot of decisions is not for you, ask us if a semi-custom build is a better route.
  • When maximizing your square footage for the lowest price is your priority. You can typically get more square footage at a lower price point in a pre-owned home.
  • You are not sure you can trust your builder. Think of it like a long-term relationship...because it is.
If you have fallen in love with the idea of building a new home and the timing just isn’t right, don’t put yourself in a bind and don’t give up on the idea all together. Many individuals or families come back a year or two later, better prepared for a more enjoyable experience.